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Redirecting Children’s behaviour instructor training for caregivers.

Caregiver Training: Increasing Generalization of Parenting Skills Through. Teaching Caregivers to Recognize Child Behavior by … caregiver acts the role of the parent and performs the skills with a trainer who acts the role of … corresponding skill, Redirect-Use Reinforcement, was not a targeted dependent variable for.

Therapy sessions

Each session is, essentially, a problem-solving session. You describe your current situation, and your feelings about it, and then the therapist …

Redirecting children behaviour training for parents.

Effectively promote behavior changes. Establish agreements on discipline within your family. … What you can give children from this course: Encourage responsibility & initiative. Enhance high self-esteem. Develop good decision making skills. Encourage resistance to peer pressure. Promote cooperation and successful attitudes

Peaceful parenting courses for CareGivers

Do you want to get your kids to listen without nagging, yelling our losing control? Positive Parenting Solutions teaches the tools you need to put an end to the …

Leadership training for parents

As parent leaders, we can help children identify and build on their strengths while addressing areas of growth with patience and encouragement. Effective parenting.

Leadership training for caregivers.

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Peaceful parenting courses for parents

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Emotional intelligence for parents.

How can parents use emotional intelligence to help their children flourish? Parenting with EQ starts with emotional awareness and using emotion carefully.

Clarity sessions

The Clarity Sessions is an opportunity for you to reflect on where you are in life and where you SEE yourself in the future. My intention, as the facilitator is not to …